EcoLux 10 Mode High Pressure Filtered Shower Head

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Key Benefits
  • Delivers a spa-like experience with 10 spray modes to customize your shower, including a point spray from the top of the showerhead
  • Enriches water quality via Ionic StoneStream technology, filtering out chlorine, dirt, and bacteria for softer, cleaner shower water.
  • Includes anti-clog silicone nozzles for durable, long-lasting performance.
  • Provides an easy DIY installation process, requiring no professional help.
  • Offers a sturdy build and sleek design, fitting all standard showers and available in Chrome or Black finishes.

How to install ?

Installation is as easy as installing a light bulb and takes less than 2 minutes.

  • Start by turning off the water supply.
  • Next, remove the old showerhead.
  • Now, prep the shower hose.
  • Screw in the 10-mode luxury high pressure filtered showerhead (EcoLux) to the hose.
  • Attach the adapter.
  • Finally, tighten connections and check for leaks.

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High Pressure Filtered 10-Mode Shower Head
High-pressure filtered showerhead with 10 modes
Eco-friendly adjustable shower head with water-saving technology
EcoLux 10 Mode High Pressure Filtered Shower Head
Modern filtered shower head with natural stones
Eco-friendly handheld showerhead with powerful water stream
EcoLux 10 Mode High Pressure Filtered Shower Head
High-pressure Chrome Showerhead with Hose and Wall Adapter
Eco-friendly showerhead replacement cartridge filter
EcoLux 10 Mode High Pressure Filtered Shower Head
EcoLux 10 Mode High Pressure Filtered Shower Head
EcoLux 10 Mode High Pressure Filtered Shower Head
EcoLux 10 Mode High Pressure Filtered Shower Head
EcoLux 10 Mode High Pressure Filtered Shower Head
EcoLux 10 Mode High Pressure Filtered Shower Head

What's so special about StoneStream¬ģ?

  • Up to 200% actual water flow increase

  • Reduces Hard Water¬†levels which is great for your skin and hair

  • Saves $227 in water costs every year*
    *(avg. US household estimate)

10 Different modes

For a wonderful showering experience

Why should I filter my Shower Water? HERE's WHY:

Eco-friendly, black 9-mode adjustable showerhead image

Our water is chlorinated in almost every system to disinfect and kill harmful bacteria like E.coli. However, chlorine isn't necessary for our showers. Chlorine and other contaminants can:

  • Remove the natural oils from our hair and skin, causing them to become dry, damaged, and irritated.
  • Break down the amino acids in our hair, weakening its natural strength.
  • Irritate our skin, potentially causing eczema, itchiness, hives, and rashes.
  • Dissolve hair lipids, making hair look dull, weak, and leading to split ends.
  • React with the melanin in our hair, altering its color.
  • Accelerate collagen loss as heavy metals trigger the formation of free radicals.

High Grade Mineral Stones

  • Anion Stone

    Negatively-charged ions help soften your skin and remove impurities from water.

  • Ceramic Energy Stone

    Adjust the pH value of your skin contributing to its elasticity.

  • Tourmaline Stone

    Contributes to making your hair more smooth and shiny.

Touch-clean spray holes

Unlike other showerheads prone to unsightly mineral buildup, ours feature rubberized nozzles that allow you to easily wipe away mineral residue, maintaining a fresh look. This translates to less clogging and consistent water pressure throughout the lifespan of your shower.

How hard water affects your skin and hair

Soap Scum

Soap Scum:

Forms a film on skin, making it hard to rinse cleansers properly.



Causes scalp dryness, flakiness, and irritation.

Clogs Pores

Clogs Pores:

Leads to dryness and irritation.

Dry, Damaged Hair

Dry, Damaged Hair:

Results in brittle, faded, and thinning hair.

Eczema Flare-ups

Eczema Flare-ups:

Can worsen existing eczema symptoms.

Hair Loss

Hair Loss:

Can contribute to breakage and hair loss.


StoneStream softens hard water and reduces limescale even in high concentration areas of chalk and calcium.

Shower Bliss: Regular vs Original StoneStream

Test: Low water pressure (20 psi)


- 212% inrease in water velocity compared to standard shower heads

- 1.32 GPM  (30% Water Saving)

Lab Tests conducted by Intertek on Dec 22, 2020.

Based on Development of new testing protocols for measuring the performance of showerheads (Report for California Energy Commissions)

Leader in Stone Filtration technology

Our mission was to design a significantly superior shower experience that used significantly less water. After many designs and iterations, we came up with the first StoneStream showerhead in 2015 and and have been the pioneer in innovation in stone based filtration showerheads ever since, improving in our designs and filtration with each iteration. StoneStream Showerheads have continued to be known and trusted by hundreds of thousands of loyal customers for our build quality, durability and high quality minerals and filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's special about the StoneStream 10 Mode High Pressure Shower Head?

This shower head offers 10 distinct spray settings including a unique spray jet from the front of the showerhead. It also has ionic stones filtration cartridge to purify water and save your hair and skin from damage.

How can I adjust the spray settings on the 10 Mode shower head?

You can switch between the 10 spray modes with ease‚ÄĒjust rotate the switch to find your preferred setting, from a gentle mist to a powerful jet.

What types of impurities does the 10 Mode shower head remove from water?

The shower head has a ionic stones filtration cartridge which reduces chlorine, limescale, and other water impurities, contributing to healthier skin and hair.

Is the 10 Mode shower head appropriate for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. The shower head's filtration system also softens hard water, making it safer and more comfortable for those with sensitive skin and hair.

Does the 10 Mode shower head conserve water?

Yes, it's designed for high pressure while being efficient with water usage, which can lead to savings on your water bill.

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