StoneStream® EcoPower

Better for You. Better for the Planet. More power. Less water.Huge savings.

StoneStream® EcoLux

Experience spa-like luxury and eco-consciousness with EcoLux.

StoneStream® Shower Filters

Discover options to remove impurities, soften hard water, and revitalize your shower experience.

Hydrogen Water Bottle

Discover Next-Level Hydration: The Hydrogen Water Bottle.

What MAKES StoneStream® SO SPECIAL?

  • Up to 200% actual water pressure increase

  • Reduces Hard Water levels which is great for your skin and hair

  • Saves $227 in water costs every year*
    *(avg. US household estimate)

  • Saves your Hair and Skin from Impurities and Chemicals

  • Water Purifying

  • Planet Friendly

Measuring the impact on savings

StoneStream® EcoPower reduces shower water consumption by up to 35%. In the average US home, StoneStream® can save $227 on your yearly water bill. If everyone in the US used StoneStream®, we could save over $3 Billion every year in water consumption and heating.

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StoneStream Collections

  • Shower Heads

    Elevate your showering experience with our collection of Shower Heads. Choose from filtered options for cleaner water, high-pressure settings for a deep clean, or rainfall styles for ultimate relaxation.

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  • Fixed Shower Heads

    Elevate your bathroom with our Fixed Shower Heads collection! Choose from rain shower heads for a spa-like experience, high-pressure options for an invigorating clean, or filtered models for cleaner, healthier water.

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  • Kids Shower Heads

    Make bath time fun and safe for little ones! Explore our Kids Shower Heads, featuring playful designs, gentle water flow, and optional handheld options for easy rinsing.

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  • Kitchen

    Unleash the perfect flow: Discover our kitchen faucets, featuring intuitive control, stunning styles, and versatile functionality.

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  • Shower Accessories

    Upgrade your shower routine with our Shower Accessories! Discover filtered options, high-pressure settings, and spa-like rainfall styles for a personalized and rejuvenating experience.

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  • Replacement Filters

    Maintain peak performance and clean water with our Replacement Filters collection. Find the perfect fit for your shower filter, ensuring continued enjoyment of its benefits.

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Hard water reduction

StoneStream softens hard water and reduces limescale even in high concentration areas of chalk and calcium.

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Hydrogen On-the-Go: Elevate Your Hydration

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What People Are Saying

I needed a detachable shower head with a stop button to make it easier to clean and wash my dog. All the shower head models I checked out on Amazon didn't fit my style, until I spotted this shower head that has a sleek Matte Black finish and it seemed like the right fit. I was skeptical about the all the other features they mention, but I got to say I was surprised. The handle feels very nice when you hold it and the water flow is amazing! it seems like it is airing the water better than my old shower head so the water flow feels smoother and I love the different settings too. The stop function works as expected which is great because not only that it helps me wash my dog more efficiently but it is useful when I am washing my own hair. Brilliant feature! This shower head fits every need I had and price was reasonable.
We will be ordering one more for my other bathroom

Lina Kaminski

I love the way that this shower head sprays. It's like a mist. I also like how clean it is. There are also instructions that are very clear on how to keep it clean which I really appreciate as well. I want to buy two more for my home and another as a gift.


The shower hose in black has made some notable visual improvements in my bathroom.

The installation process was straightforward, and it fit my showerhead without any issues. It's 60 inches long, longer than my previous hose, which has made showering a bit more convenient.

What stands out is its tangle-free design apparently and it works so kudos there. The black color adds a subtle touch of style to my bathroom as well and Ill be replacing the whole bathroom elements to suit it.

In terms of durability, it feels solid and capable of handling regular use.

Veronika Herder

I lved the spray handle, the minerals are in the handles. And they are good for your skin, the water pressure is excellent!

Lucrecia Leis

I LOOOVE IT, so easy to install and the fact that its black it matches the other black hardware we got. The water feels sooo good and I love it.


This shower head is wonderful & water pressure is great and shut off is perfect I love it I’m gonna buy some more .


I love my stone stream shower head and refills are super easy to do. Very happy with my purchase. Been using for 6 months or so and it's great. Good pressure, water feels better. Highly recommend


I had another shower head and it sucked. I was looking to replace it with a better looking shower head that can produce stronger pressure. When i installed this new shower head i couldn't believe the boost in pressure it provided. No more drip showers. Its very lightweight, which i personally love. Easy to switch between settings. Great buy overall!

Coffee boy

I got this black shower arm to match my black rainfall shower-head. This shower arm comes with its matching flange. Both are really sleek-looking, the matte surface is aesthetically beautiful, and made of 201 stainless steel. The fit is universal, at .5" and it's really light-weight, at only a few ounces combined. The flange is about 2.4" and protrudes half an inch from the wall it's set into.I love the ease of installation, and I'm looking forward to enjoying this piece hold up over time!


I like everything about this squeegee. The suction cup screws tight to make a connection that I could hang on. No more hearing something fall in the tub in the middle of the night. It’s also designed to hold the squeegee with the blade facing out. No more instantly moldy blade that sat against the wall. The best is the ergonomics. I have tendon problems and this is so well ergonomically made, it doesn’t hurt my wrist at all. We don’t have this to do glass doors as we have shower curtains. This is to do the inside tile from bottom to ceiling. It keeps the grouting white and the tile clean. I use a squeegee for the walls and lip of tub and then use a shower mitt to dry everything completely. Doing this little thing every shower lets you never have to deep clean it. Love this so much! Lol’s to the reviewer who took off a star for squeaking if not going straight. I run circles with this without a squeak. Very Highly Recommended!


This shower head is easy to install. I love the pressure it has, it leaves your skin feeloso soft and clean. It doesn't leak and it looks great .

Amanda S